Gantt4Excel features two alternative representations...

Activity oriented Gantt charts show in which time interval an activity is executed.

Resource oriented Gantt charts show for each resource the plan of activities.

Gantt4Excel can be:

A powerful graphic interface to provide a Gantt chart representation of Excel data

An easy to use tool completely integrated in Excel as Add-in

An interactive graphic interface for Gantt chart

A flexible representation tool:you can switch between activity oriented and resource oriented representation

A versatile modeling tool: you can impose and show due dates for the activities and precedence relationships among them

A powerful control tool: you can exploit Excel formulas to check properties of the activities

Gantt charts are widely used to provide a graphic representation of the evolution of activities during time.

A staff schedule or rostering for personnel: nursery, drivers, call center operators and so on.

A detailed manufacturing production plan or schedule that determines which production operations must be performed in time on the machines in a shop floor.

A vehicle and maintenance schedule in logistics and public transport.

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