Gantt4Excel Installation Guides

Gantt4Excel is an add-in for Microsoft Excel and it runs on version 2010 and later. It also requires .Net Framework 4.5

If you are a skilled Excel user, check out our Quick Guide

If you are not an experienced user, follow our Beginner Guide

Gantt4Excel Beginner Installation Guide

Once downloaded the installation package from our Download Page, extract it in a folder and run the setup.exe.

Read the End User Licence Agreement and check the box, then click Install.

When the installation is finished, click Close. Gantt4Excel plugin has been added to your system.

Run Micrsoft Excel.

Gantt4Excel is provided by default with a 30-days demo evaluation license. So far G4E is unregistered and you will be prompted with a popup window as shown in the next figure that reminds you if your demo license has expired or if not, how many evaluation days are stil available.

Click OK. A new toolbar appears in the ribbon; it simply contains the Gantt Chart button, turning on and off the Gantt4Excel panel.

Clicking on the Gantt Chart button will turn on the Gantt pane.

The About button on the Gantt4Excel chart pane allow you to register entering the user name and serial number that IROI provided you after purchasing.